Do Not Solicit List

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  1. The following are exempt from obtaining a solicitor’s permit and from registering with the City;

    1. Persons specifically invited to a residence or a commercial building by a competent individual prior to the time of the person’s arrival at the residence or commercial building.

    2. Person delivering goods to a residence or commercial building pursuant to a previously made order, or persons providing services at a residence or commercial building to a previously made request by a competent individual.

    3. Persons advocating or disseminating information for, against or in conjunction with any religious belief, or political position.

    4. Those seeking to obtain from an occupant of any residence or business, an indication of the occupant’s belief in regard to any political or religious matter.

    5. Those who canvas door to door.

    6. Those who distribute handbills.

    7. A person under 18 years of age, who is participating in a fund raising program for, or sponsored by, a public or private elementary, high school or bon-a-fide children’s organization, including, without limitation, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or youth sports.

    8. A person under 18 years of age, who is soliciting for services as an individual, not representing any firm, partnership, joint venture, association corporation, limited liability company, estate, trust, receiver, trustee, syndicate or other lawful entity, organization, society or association.

    9. A charitable solicitor other than a charitable organization soliciting on City streets.

  2. Those who are exempt from obtaining a solicitor’s permit or from registering with the City, must comply with Articles 8-2-9.