Fairview Heights Police To Become Accredited

Fairview Heights Police Chief Nick Gailius announced today that Fairview Heights Police will become an accredited police agency. Fairview Heights Police is the first police agency in St. Clair County to begin the Illinois Law Enforcement Accreditation Program (ILEAP), which is sponsored by the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police. An accreditation program compares the operations of a police agency against established industry standards for modern policing. Experts from outside of the police department analyze the police department’s policies and actions to ensure they match what is expected in today’s policing environment.

“Fairview Heights is a model modern policing agency,” said Chief Gailius. “We care about doing things the right way. And, we care about doing what is right by the citizens who live, work, or visit Fairview Heights.” He continued; “The accreditation process helps us build legitimacy and trust with our citizens. It reassures the citizens that they are dealing with truly professional police officers who are following established standards in their work.”

The costs for the program are expected to be minimal. And, there will be no effect on taxpayers. Any funds needed to complete the accreditation program will be paid through proceeds of seized funds from drug dealers.

Gailius expects the initial accreditation to be completed in late summer of 2018.