Patrol Division

11722137_915587545180130_4204304117683016379_oThe core mission of the Fairview Heights Police Department is carried out by our Patrol Division officers. Every other division and unit in the Police Department, including the Chief of Police and administrators, are there to support what Patrol does day in and day out.
Patrol officers are counted on by this community to:
· Respond to emergency calls for help;

· Act as keepers of the peace;

· Investigate and report on crimes and incidents;

· Make arrests as needed;

· Enforce traffic laws and investigate traffic accidents;

· Patrol neighborhoods and businesses to prevent and detect crime.

The Patrol Division is made up of 28 officers, divided into 4 teams. Each team is led by a patrol sergeant. The teams work 12 hour shifts. The team is assigned to work together on the same shift for a full year. There is no rotation and no switching of shifts, normally.

On the day shifts, the team consists of the sergeant and seven officers. On the night shifts, the teams are a sergeant and five officers. The Patrol Division also has two canine officers.