Road Construction Crew Bumped By Motorist

What does this sign mean to you?

To one motorist on Monday, September 18, 2017, at approximately 10:30 a.m., it meant nothing. The driver, who is still being sought by police, decided to drive past this sign and other road closed or detour signs on Old Collinsville Road at Holliday.

The signs had been placed there for road construction crews to repair the road surface. Although the signs were clearly visible a 36-year-old, Fairview Heights man decided he would travel southbound in the northbound lanes meeting up with construction workers just north of Ashland Avenue. The construction workers stood in front of the man’s vehicle, a 2011 Ford Fusion and motioned for the driver to turn into a parking lot to avoid the closed road. The man began to bump the workers with his car until they moved, allowing him enough room to drive through the work zone.

Workers were able to photograph the vehicle and the license plates so police could identify the driver. Luckily the workers were unharmed during the incident.

Police are actively searching for the driver, who refuses to turn himself in. The vehicle has already been located unoccupied, which was towed and impounded.