Very Safe Holiday Shopping Weekend in Fairview Heights!

During this past weekend, Chief Nick Gailius directed the department to add both plain-clothes officers at the St. Clair Square Mall and uniformed officers in our shopping districts and on parking lots. In total, officers worked 86 hours of overtime over the weekend. Also, no officers are permitted to take vacations during the busy holiday shopping season.

The weekend following Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping weekend of the year. This year, crime was almost zero. Fairview Heights Police officers put forth a strong presence to keep the shoppers safe, especially on parking lots. Shoplifting cases, where suspects grab large armfuls of clothes and run off have been on the rise in Fairview Heights over the last few months. But, not this weekend!

Gailius reported that during the weekend, shoppers in Fairview Heights experienced:

• Zero robberies
• Zero auto thefts
• Zero grab-and-run thefts
• Zero car break-ins
• Zero crimes against persons
• And only three petty shoplifting’s

Gailius stated, “Our goal is to keep a strong presence throughout the whole holiday season. I am very pleased with the efforts of our officers to keep up high visibility and close surveillance by undercover officers of our stores and parking lots. Their vigilance obviously paid off this weekend.” Fairview Heights Police will continue directed saturated patrols and the use of undercover officers throughout the season.